Millennial employees are waiting longer to get married, opting for pet ownership instead.

Millennials are the largest generation of active workers in the US.

Millennials own more pets than any other generation in history.

Companies that ignore these industry trends will find it harder to retain and recruit Millennials,” states HR industry expert.



Let Them Bring Their Pets To Work

Bringing pets to work is one hot employee perk that’s sweeping across the nation. But, allowing pets to come into the office is easy to do if you’re a startup or smaller company, not so simple for larger companies. 


Pets Onsite provides organizations a convenient, customized solution to allow employees to bring their pets to work without disrupting the office and without adding additional company expenses. Instead of pets coming into the office, pets stay inside customized pet daycare units parked on the company’s premises. Our pet daycare units range from mobile units(as shown above) to permanent units. Below is a semi-temporary structure we’re developing for a Fortune 25 company.  We can build Pets Onsite units to accommodate a dozen pets up to hundreds of your employees’ pets. 


Pets stay and play in our “PAWESOME” onsite mobile pet daycares.

-Climate Controlled
-60″ LCD TV
-DogTV Streaming
-WIFI  Pet Cameras
-Pet Couches
-Soothing Wall Fireplace
-Relaxing Music
-Daily Outdoor Walks
-Play Toys
-Snack Time


a win-win for the
employer and employees


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